Why you’re thankful for WordPress

On Tuesday we asked you all why you’re thankful for WordPress. Here are some of the answers :-)

I’m thankful for WordPress because…

It allows me to use a very robust, complete, scalable et modular platform that I could learn a lot from – and to use it commercially ! The level of performance and usability of WP is amazing. And it shows that you could distribute a free product and make a living! – Simon Vart



It makes web publishing effortless (the way it should be). -Peter Askew





The easy to use backend and painless upgrading and has saved our web dev business. -Brendyn Montgomery





It’s used everywhere, so there are plenty of people to ask for help. – Robby Slaughter





People can focus on their content working in a reliable environment. -Paulo Tresso





I am making a living just out of WordPress – making themes. -Chandra Marhazan





It’s my job and my hobby, and it continues to grow and flourish. -Drew Jaynes






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  1. says

    Me, I’m thankful for WordPress because it’s helped me to create a side business, consulting, developing and managing WordPress sites, which has turned into quite the little earner.