Introducing Interactive Tutorials Within the User Portal

Providing an exceptional customer experience has always been the top priority for us here at WP Engine. In our ongoing efforts to deliver that promise, we are excited to announce we have released a new suite of tools that enables our customers to access Interactive Help directly within our User Portal. This Interactive Library of [Read More]

WP Engine is Expanding to San Antonio

Austin, TX is the city that WP Engine proudly calls home. With a rapidly growing tech community, an abundance of local music, and the best breakfast tacos in the nation, we all love the chosen location of our company’s headquarters. In fact, it would be hard to imagine WP Engine’s festive “All Hands” week in any [Read More]

Finely Tuned Consultant – Gennady Kovshenin

Today I’m chatting with Gennady Kovshenin, a freelance web consultant and developer from Russia. In addition to being a first class plugin developer,he also spoke at WordCamp Russia 2013. Read our interview below, where we discuss his favorite plugin, tea recommendations, and where he sees WordPress going in the next 2-3 years. You can find [Read More]

Announcing WP Engine Alpha Labs

One of the reasons we all love WordPress is because it lets us create amazing new projects in ways we never could before. Projects that enable us to share new ideas, new initiatives, new messages, new media, open for business to the entire world, with the potential to accumulate millions of interactions in the years [Read More]

And…Action! WP Engine Launches Migration Support Videos

Today we are very excited to announce that we have released a series of videos in our Support Garage to support our Migration Process.  After listening to your feedback, we knew we could create a better way to help you through a migration. These videos were designed to make it easy to move your sites to [Read More]

Customers Actually Want to Read Your Business Blog

Have you ever wondered exactly how your business benefits from its blog, or if the time dedicated to developing content is even worth it? Well, if you have, you’re in luck: a recent WP Engine study sheds light on this topic, uncovering just how useful company blogs are. The WP Engine survey indicates that the majority of [Read More]

OpenSSL Updated to New Security Patch

Heartbleed brought OpenSSL security to the front of everyone’s mind, but here at WP Engine we proactively monitor the security of the sites hosted with us just like we do our own. In addition to WordPress security releases, we are constantly monitoring for security patches for the operating system WordPress is running on. Earlier today [Read More]

WP Engine DNS Gets an Update

Getting Rid of DNS Timeouts Causing Speed Issues with Outbound Connections In our continuing efforts to drive faster site performance, we’ve uncovered and already fixed an intermittent issue affecting code that creates outbound connections. Summary: Some customers might have found our caching DNS resolution was timing out, which caused outgoing API requests to 3rd-party services [Read More]

Finely Tuned Consultant – Kevin Leary

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Kevin Leary, a multi-tasking WordPress developer and all-round nice guy. Read our interview below, where we talk about Kevin’s history with WordPress; his interest in writing; and his tips, tricks, and thoughts on the future. How did you get into WordPress? It was probably 2006 or so [Read More]

Addressing the Recent Reports of Back End Slowness

Some of our customers have contacted us about a slowness in our backend system. We want to not only say “we’re sorry,” which of course we are, but we also want to spend some time explaining what happened and how we’re fixing it. While for anyone it is a bit uncomfortable to admit where we [Read More]

Growth is Hard

When WP Engine was young, life was simple. We didn’t have meetings, because everyone knew everything. We didn’t have training classes, because we hired about one person every three months, and they could just “ride shotgun” and learn the ropes. We were working out of an amazing accelerator called the Capital Factory and space was [Read More]

Why the Block Chain Could Be Bigger than Bitcoin

During TechCrunch Disrupt New York, Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures said he’s “really excited” about the opportunities presented by block chain based architectures (like the one Bitcoin is based on): The block chain could be a much bigger opportunity than Bitcoin….The whole thing about block chain based architectures is that they allow trustless transactional activity…There [Read More]