WordCamp Milwaukee with WP Engine

My time in Milwaukee was an enlightening experience. It was my first WordCamp, and just being in the presence of so many intelligent, humble people in the WordPress community made me take a step back and re-appreciate everything I get to be involved with by proxy of working at WP Engine. It was excellent to [Read More]

Migrating Your Site to WP Engine Is Now Easier than Ever with our New Migration Checklist

At WP Engine, we strive to include customer input into every element of our software platform and every phase of our operations. We accomplish this innovation by gathering feedback from customers directly, analyzing customer interactions for common problem areas, and assessing our infrastructure for ways to make customers’ lives easier. We use these data points [Read More]

All WP Engine Sites to be Upgraded to WordPress 3.9.2

A security update to the stable branch of WordPress (3.9.2) was just released. This update mainly addresses an issue that could be used to trigger a Denial of Service (DoS) attack with PHP’s XML processor. There have also been changes that harden WordPress core, protect against potential code execution while processing widgets and add protections [Read More]

In Its Emptiness, There Is the Function of a Startup

Calm your frenetic TL;DR twitchy-Twitter-brain for five minutes, and let some Chinese philosophy wash over you. Thirty spokes join in one hub In its emptiness, there is the function of a vehicle Mix clay to create a container In its emptiness, there is the function of a container Cut open doors and windows to create a [Read More]

Fortune Brainstorm TECH 2014 Highlights

Last week I had the privilege of representing WP Engine at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference. It was an outstanding event and truly exceeded my expectations in terms of provocative content and ideas shared.  Although there was no stated theme of the conference, I would say the predominate theme throughout the sessions was “disrupt thyself.” [Read More]

Finely Tuned Consultant – Josh Pollock

On today’s Finely Tuned Consultant I have the pleasure of talking with Josh Pollock. He is a developer, blogger and Community Manager at Pods Framework. He has a passion for WordPress development and sites both big and small. I spoke with him about his background in WordPress, “Human Centered WordPress Solutions”, and advice for WordPress consultants. Check out [Read More]

WP Engine Gives Back

Oftentimes, volunteering is assumed to be just a pastime of good people, but in reality it is so much more. It is a chance for you to slow down, give back to your community, and reflect on things for which you are thankful. Recently, the WP Engine Austin office volunteered their time to work at [Read More]

Finely Tuned Consultant – Ben Fox

Today I will be chatting with Ben Fox. He’s the co-founder of WPUniversity and SIDEKICK, aimed at education and support for the WordPress community both old and new. In this interview we discuss his views on balancing projects and downtime, outsourcing, and his passion for WordPress education. You can find him on Twitter @benjaminefox How [Read More]

Introducing Interactive Tutorials Within the User Portal

Providing an exceptional customer experience has always been the top priority for us here at WP Engine. In our ongoing efforts to deliver that promise, we are excited to announce we have released a new suite of tools that enables our customers to access Interactive Help directly within our User Portal. This Interactive Library of [Read More]

WP Engine is Expanding to San Antonio

Austin, TX is the city that WP Engine proudly calls home. With a rapidly growing tech community, an abundance of local music, and the best breakfast tacos in the nation, we all love the chosen location of our company’s headquarters. In fact, it would be hard to imagine WP Engine’s festive “All Hands” week in any [Read More]

Finely Tuned Consultant – Gennady Kovshenin

Today I’m chatting with Gennady Kovshenin, a freelance web consultant and developer from Russia. In addition to being a first class plugin developer,he also spoke at WordCamp Russia 2013. Read our interview below, where we discuss his favorite plugin, tea recommendations, and where he sees WordPress going in the next 2-3 years. You can find [Read More]