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How to remove WP Engine Quick Links from admin bar

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This is an update to this tip, which showed how to remove just the WP Engine Quick Links menu. Please refer to that tip if all you need is to remove the “WP Engine Quick Links” menu.

Some people may want to hide all of the WP Engine “extras” from their WordPress Dashboard. Drop the following code into the end of your theme’s functions.php file:

Note: If doing this from a plugin, see the Caveats below.

Notice that this hides everything for logged in users who are NOT “wpengine”. You can change the if statement to include other users, or to only hide everything for one specific user. For example, if you wanted to hide this only for user “johnsmith”, then the if statement at the top would look like this:


Props to Derek Ashauer of ashwebstudio.com for taking my first tip one step further.


If you’re doing this from a plugin instead of a theme, then you will run into problems when trying to use the wp_get_current_user() function. That’s because it’s a pluggable function. By their very nature, pluggable functions are not loaded until after all of the plugins are loaded. So in order to use this function, you will either have to write it yourself, or wrap the if statement in a function and call it during the init action.