Yesterday morning our mail provider, Mailchimp, had a bug that triggered a series of WP Engine emails to be sent all at once to a small part of one of our email lists. If you were part of that subset, we apologize for any trouble or inconvenience this caused you. WP Engine values doing our part to keep our customers as close to inbox zero as possible. We have a policy to only send emails when necessary and valuable to our customers.

As soon as our team realized the emails were being spuriously sent, and took steps to prevent further emails being sent out, while also reaching out to Mailchimp engineers to resolve the issue immediately.

This afternoon we received the following message from Mailchimp in response to our queries:

Last Friday, we performed some maintenance on our Autoresponder feature. During the maintenance, about 1,500 of our users’ Autoresponder campaigns got paused, and we were unable to un-pause them until today.

You’re one of the 1,500 users affected.

This is a notice to let you know that:

  1. We feel awful about this.
  2. The campaigns are now un-paused and sending. If you send daily, some recipients might be getting emails that were backlogged for the last 3 days.
  3. Again, we feel awful. So if this has inconvenienced you in any way, please contact our customer service team so we can make this right.

– The MailChimp Team

If you received the succession of emails, you know that they were for a drip campaign that contains strategies we recommend for developers interested in further speeding up WordPress performance. The emails are useful, but the way they made it to your inbox is not consistent with WP Engine’s email policy.

Thanks for your understanding.