The end of the year is fast approaching which makes it the perfect time to reflect on the best and worst of 2017. WP Engine’s digital marketing publication, Velocitize, was working hard to create top-notch content to help fuel your digital success. We’ve pulled together 5 articles that reflect the top-performing content of 2017 for better insight into the trends for the year.

5. Growing In A Shrinking World: Q&A With Elizabeth Chambers, Chief Strategy Product and Marketing Officer, Western Union

When you’re already an international company with a huge customer base, how do you continue to grow? Learn about how Western Union incorporated a digital strategy to help them grow.

4. “Hug The Machine,” Don’t Let AI Hide In Plain Sight

AI is no doubt the next big thing to hit digital marketing. Learn about integrating your creative mind with AI capabilities.

3. Diversity in Business: CEOs Talk About The Importance of Inclusivity In Marketing 

As a CEO, how do you inspire diversity and inclusivity in your business? Six CEOs met to discuss this in a panel during Advertising Week.

2. How To Build Award-Winning Digital Experiences: Lessons From A Webby Judge

The annual Webby Awards honors sites that are demonstrating excellence on the internet. What are the criteria for creating an award-winning digital experience?

1. We’re Taking Back The Ad Business, Say Speakers At The Ad:Tech Conference

There was a change in the advertising world in 2017. This industrial revolution means that advertisers will need to focus on experience design.

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