Good news—dealing with your SSL certificates at WP Engine just got a whole lot easier!

You now have the ability buy your own SSL certificates in our User Portal. The feature will also allow you to manage and configure your existing and new certificates.

What You Can Do

With our new SSL functionality, you can now:

  • adjust your SSL settings;
  • add or configure the URLs you want to make secure; and
  • buy a new certificate.

All within our User Portal.

Standard or Wildcard SSL Certificates

You can choose between a Standard SSL certificate, which for $49.99/year covers one top-level domain only (no subdomains).

Alternatively, you can select our Wildcard SSL certificate, which for $199.99/year covers all subdomains of a chosen top-level domain.

Screenshot of Buy SSL Certificate Feature

Of course, if you have existing SSL certificates, or would prefer to buy your certificates elsewhere, that is completely fine. You’ll just need to submit a Support Ticket so that we can get those set up for you.

How it Works

Buying a SSL certificate in our User Portal is easy! Simply click the “Buy SSL Cert” button, select the domain to which you’d like it to apply, and choose the type of certificate that suits your needs (Standard or Wildcard).

Provide us with your contact details, read and agree to the terms and conditions, and then we’ll take care of the rest! Please note, you will need to have account access at either the Owner or Full level—with billing access—in order to purchase SSL certificates.

You’ll receive an email once we’ve successfully installed your certificate (this may take 24-48 hours). After this, all you will need to do is configure your URLs in the User Portal.

You’ll see the charge for your SSL certificate on your next WP Engine billing statement.

About SSL

As noted in our explanatory article on browser security, SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL is a protocol that does two things:

  • Encrypts your data, which means no hacker can see what your browser sends to the server nor what the server sends to the browser.
  • Authenticates your website, which means it tells your browser “This website really is who it claims to be.” For example, that when you type your username and password into your PayPal account, that the website really is PayPal, and not a hacker posing as PayPal.

An SSL Certificate is a document that your website shows a browser to proclaim its identity. It “certifies” that the website is who it says it is.

Need Help?

If you need any help with purchasing an SSL certificate, this new article in our Support Garage provides step-by-step instructions.

Back to Work!

We’re excited to bring you the new SSL certificate feature, which aims to save you time and effort when buying and configuring SSL certificates.

For now we’ll get back to working on our next new innovation for WP Engine customers…stay tuned!

Crystal Hansen is a Product Manager at WP Engine. She loves building features that delight our customers, and in her spare time, can be found walking around beautiful Austin, watching Formula 1 or painting abstract artwork.