We know uptime is important to you and the websites you entrust with WP Engine. With that in mind, we wanted to notify you of a recently discovered Xen Hypervisor vulnerability that requires cloud providers, including Amazon and Rackspace, to conduct emergency maintenance on their servers. That maintenance may result in brief downtime for WP Engine customers. Read more about it here.

Hosting companies use Xen Hypervisor to provide virtual private servers on a single machine—making it possible to host multiple sites on a single server. The security vulnerability could be exploited to compromise those sites.

This downtime will occur for sites that we host while those cloud providers patch their systems. We expect these patches to occur between Monday March 2 and Monday March 9. Outside of the brief downtime affecting sites and the WP Engine portal, there should be no impact to your site—though we will be monitoring closely to make sure.

For more information, please visit the WP Engine Status blog where you can sign up for email notifications that will keep you informed with the latest updates.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.