The vast majority (89 percent) of UK senior marketing decision makers say secure, scalable digital platforms are necessary to achieve marketing and business objectives this year.


And while the modern marketing department is increasingly complex as traditional and digital marketing become more intertwined, new research shows that marketers are eager to get back to the basics.

More simply put, marketers want two things out of their digital platforms: speed and simplicity.

In this ebook, we explore that idea further by presenting the findings of our recent UK CMO survey and present several key questions all senior marketing decision makers should ask themselves regarding their digital strategy, including:

  • Is the technology you’re using right for the job?
  • Is it future-proof?
  • Is it easy to integrate and to use?

Download the ebook, Speed and Simplicity: CMOs Get Back to Basics with Their Digital Platforms, now and learn more about how CMOs plan to add more speed and simplicity to their marketing strategies.