For the last two years, DE{CODE}—the premier conference for WordPress developers—has brought together thought-provoking sessions and expert insights, and this year’s event will be no exception.

Whether you’re a seasoned WordPress wizard who’s interested in the latest headless innovations, a designer looking to dip your toes into the wide world of development, or an agency owner who’s on the hunt for information regarding eCommerce or Managed WordPress Hosting solutions, there’s something for everyone at DE{CODE}.

With three convenient event times based on your location, free registration, and multiple learning tracks jam-packed with informational sessions, WP Engine hopes to facilitate an online space for developers to learn more about the power of WordPress and how they can harness it to build better, faster, more impressive sites. Registration is open for the all-virtual event, so sign up now and secure your spot!

Learning tracks will divide relevant sessions into four sections: eCommerce, headless WordPress, managed WordPress hosting, and builder experience. Here’s a bit of what you can expect from each of the four available tracks!

eCommerce Track

Online sales skyrocketed at the start of the pandemic, and now, more than two years later, those numbers are showing no signs of slowing. As we become ever more reliant on online retailers to fulfill our needs, website developers are focusing on the ways they can improve and streamline the eCommerce experience.

WP Engine Product Marketing Manager Josh Dailey will join WooCommerce Head of Engineering Beau Lebens, as well as technology experts from ElasticPress and Inpsyde to talk about scaling eCommerce stores to meet growing online demand. During their session, “Building WordPress eCommerce at Scale,” explore what it takes to build an eCommerce experience that performs at top speed, even in a high-growth setting.

Headless Track

As it pertains to headless websites, the question is no longer if, but when. Headless WordPress is changing the game for businesses across the globe, and we’re keeping you on the razor’s edge of that technology with our headless breakout sessions.

Join WP Engine Senior Product Marketing Manager Hashim Warren as he facilitates a panel discussion with technical specialists from four of the top agencies in North America and Europe. In their session, “When to Choose Headless for Clients,” panel participants will walk through the major reasons agencies are choosing to build headless experiences in lieu of traditional WordPress sites, including the benefits, constraints, opportunities, and tradeoffs that come with both.

Managed WordPress Hosting Track

Cybersecurity has never been more vital. Just days ago, the White House released a statement regarding efforts to improve national security measures and encouraged private sector partners to do the same.

Good IT security professionals know they’re never more than a few steps ahead of the next vulnerability or malicious attempt, and given the steady rise in cybersecurity risks, this topic couldn’t be more timely. 

Look no further than DE{CODE} for pertinent content that will provide you with a clear picture of today’s cybersecurity landscape. Join WP Engine VP of Security Brent Stackhouse as he discusses new methods cyber criminals are using and how WP Engine is protecting client sites, as well as steps builders can take to increase site security.

Builder Experience Track

The bigger the site, the scarier the migration—or at least that’s how it used to feel. Luckily, WP Engine has ironed out the painstaking details to make transitions seamless, no matter how sizable the site.

In “Debunking the Myths of Migration,” WP Engine Onboarding Manager Michael Clayton will discuss WP Engine’s latest thought leadership surrounding the need for WordPress standardization and walk attendees through the process of migrating a site to WP Engine while debunking some of the lingering misinformation around migrations.

Crack the Code to Better, Faster WordPress Development!

If you’re interested in all of the above topics, not to worry. While you can only choose a single track during the event, all sessions will be recorded for attendees who wish to revisit any of the content they missed. Make sure you stick around for closing remarks and flextime where you’ll have the opportunity to chat with attendees and WP Engine experts alike!

Register now for the time most convenient based on your location and get ready for the year’s most insightful WordPress developer conference!