Remember a couple of months back when we released the Checkpoint and Restore and started backing up your sites once a day?  Remember how we made it easy for anyone to make a full backup of their site, files and database?  Ok, good!  So, based on customer requests around Checkpoint and Restore, we’ve added another feature to the tool!

Developers really liked the ability to back a site up before pushing new code, and having automatic backups can really save your bacon When things go South.

Once the restore points were available, you guys and gals started asking us if you could download them as .zip files.  This is useful for tons of reasons, and since you guys asked for it, we went ahead and built it!  (What else should we be building?)

Announcing “D/L Zip.” Now you can download ANY checkpoint as a .zip!

To download a backup, head over to the User Portal >> Restore Points, and find the checkpoint you’d like to download.  You’ll notice a brand new option, “D/L Zip.”  Click on that link, and you’ll have your file.

Download a .zip of your restore point


Also, the filename that’s downloaded includes the git commit ID, which means it’s easy to click a few of them and then compare between several dates.  This will save some hunting and pecking along the way.

Hope this helps!