Music festival season is in full swing across the US and UK. From Riot Fest in Chicago and Coachella in Indio, Calif., to England’s Glastonbury Festival and Creamfields, rabid fans are ready to rock. Along with assembling some of the biggest acts in the biz, music festivals need a stable web platform to engage with fans and attendees–and many of the biggest music festivals in the US and UK use WordPress to power their sites. We put together this infographic to show which platform is the CMS of choice for the world’s largest music festivals.

And what makes this infographic even cooler is that we’re using WP Engine GeoIP to present it to you based on your geographic location. What does that mean? If you’re viewing this page from an IP address in the Americas, you will see the US version of the infographic below. If you’re viewing this page from an IP address in Europe, Africa, Asia, or Australia, you will see the UK Version. Using the new shortcodes available in WP Engine GeoIP version 1.1 we’re showing you how simple it is to serve the relevant, dynamic, and localized content to your audience. Pretty cool, right?

So grab your sunscreen and your lighter, and check out what makes WordPress the headlining platform for many of the biggest music festivals (and see the power of WP Engine GoeIP for yourself).


Interested in seeing the other version? Head on over to HideMe to use its free Anonymous Proxy Browser to mask your IP.

free proxy instructions

  1. Place the URL of this post into the form field
  2. If you’re based in the Americas select either Germany or the Netherlands from the Proxy location drop down menu

And if you want to learn more about WP Engine GeoIP and how it can help your business serve dynamic, relevant content to visitors based on their geography, download our free GeoIP ebook.