New York City-based digital agency Digital Remedy helps publishers, advertisers, and influencers realize the full potential of their digital experiences. In addition to providing users with compelling content and trending articles, the agency also works hard to make sure audiences are engaged and pleased with their on-site experiences. Nonetheless, Digital Remedy staff found that time, and particularly the amount of time it was taking certain pages to load, was either making or breaking those experiences in a matter of seconds.

In an effort to provide clients with the fastest possible load times for their digital experiences, and to find a partner that could provide them with better performance and support, Digital Remedy solicited proposals from a number of vendors and platforms, and ultimately selected WP Engine’s Digital Experience Platform in an effort to tackle their performance and customer service needs.

Read the full case study to find out how WP Engine helped Digital Remedy accomplish those goals, and how the agency is now enjoying faster-than-ever page load times, higher engagement, and better conversion rates.


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