We have a handy toolbar that you can have in the dark admin header bar. It is called ‘WP Engine Quick Links’ and it is going to look something like this:


Some people want to have it display and others may simply choose that they would not like to have it display. For a while we have had the option to hide it but it was just a blanket on/off switch. You can now choose which roles has access to this drop down menu. To enable this drop down, just go into /wp-admin/ and click on the WP Engine button at the top left side. Then look under the ‘Display Options’ header. Set the drop down to enabled then check off which roles you would like to be able to see the menu. Hit the save button and once it is done saving hit the ‘purge all caches’ button. Once the page reloads you will be able to see the menu at the top. Below is a screenshot of the ‘Display Options’ where you can enable this feature: