Small agencies, freelance designers, and lean creative teams often share a similar, bumpy trajectory that can swing from “we have way too much work to meet our deadlines,” to “we don’t have enough projects to pay the bills.” 

Adding fuel to that instability are the various elements at play when working with a growing list of clients—invoices may not be paid on time, clients might not understand the full scope of your offerings, and keeping tabs on it all only continues to eat away more time as your business scales. 

While many small business owners are intimately familiar with these issues, they’re also some of the specific pain points Flywheel Growth Suite is built to solve. 

The platform acts as your virtual assistant, keeping track of all the billing, site maintenance, and client communication aspects that power your creative business forward, allowing you to  to spend more time on the important stuff.

I sing the praises of Growth Suite every day; I think my middle name should be Growth Suite.

Marcus Lehnerz, Senior Reseller Account Manager, WP Engine

Check out the demo video below and read on to see how Flywheel Growth Suite works and why more teams are turning to it to better manage their businesses.

Logging Into Flywheel Growth Suite

Your WP Engine dashboard already provides a simple way to quickly view the sites you manage. Flywheel Growth Suite takes that ease of management one step further, providing a whole suite of agency and client management tools right at your fingertips.

Once you’ve signed up for your plan, you’ll be able to log into your WP Engine dashboard and click the tab on the right-hand side for Flywheel Growth Suite.

Once you click through, the first thing you’ll see is your personalized dashboard. This view makes your most important information easy to find, and the customizable dashboard allows you to place the client and revenue information you deem most important right upfront.

We want to make sure that, if it’s important data for you to access as an agency and a partner, you have easy access to it, it’s going to be easy to see, easy to digest, and it’s customizable.

Marcus Lehnerz, Senior Reseller Account Manager, WP Engine

Use your dashboard to view important metrics including your agency’s monthly recurring revenue, upcoming and overdue client payments, the number of sites and clients you manage, and more. After you’ve given the general information in your dashboard a once-over, you can move on to explore other, more specialized features.

Billing and Service Creation

There are no restrictions on the services you can bill your clients for, because you’re in charge of creating the services you offer! You can set up any service, including unique pricing tiers for different levels of service, then easily pull that service into an invoice. 

Even clients who aren’t using Flywheel Growth Suite or WP Engine for their managed hosting can be billed for the other marketing or creative services you provide for them.

If you wanted to bill someone for a jelly of the month club, you could easily do that if you want. There’s no limitations for what you can bill your clients for.

Marcus Lehnerz, Senior Reseller Account Manager, WP Engine

The system accepts payments in 80+ different currencies and is fully integrated with the Stripe payment system as well as ACH payments for direct fund transfers. You can schedule recurring invoices or bill for one-time services, add any discounts and special offers, and send all that information to your clients directly through Flywheel Growth Suite.

Site Maintenance

The Bulk Site Management features in Flywheel Growth Suite are perhaps the most compelling pieces of this system for our small agency and freelance customers. 

Smart Plugin Manager, a premium add-on for WP Engine customers, also syncs perfectly with Flywheel Growth Suite, making it easier than ever to take care of individual clients through fast, intuitive bulk management.

Keep track of which sites are using which plugins, which version of WordPress they’re running, which PHP version they’re running, and even dip into important Google Analytics information for every site you manage, all from a single source.

“Because we partner with Google, we’re actually the only hosting company on Earth with a direct Google Analytics integration, which is awesome.”

Marcus Lehnerz, Senior Reseller Account Manager, WP Engine

The best part? We’re still building! Our goal is to make Flywheel Growth Suite the go-to tool for our agency and freelance partners as they scale. To that end, we’re constantly soliciting and implementing feedback from our customers to make sure the tools in Flywheel Growth Suite are meeting their real-world needs.

Client Reporting and Communication

As important as it is to appropriately manage your clients’ sites, it’s equally important to manage your relationships with them. That’s where the client reporting and communication tools found in Flywheel Growth Suite come in especially handy.

Instead of managing multiple email threads, text conversations, phone calls, Slack messages, and more, you can maintain your client relationships directly through Flywheel Growth Suite.

When you create a new client in the system, you’ll be able to attach all associated websites, active subscriptions for recurring invoices, payment methods, and even notes about the client for your internal teams to remember, keeping all the most vital information about that client easily accessible through a single source. 

Then, using the reporting feature, you can show all the recent work you’ve done for that client in a well-designed, easy-to-understand report. You’ll define the contents of your report, make sure it’s branded with the right colors and logos for your agency, and automate a reporting cadence that makes sense for that specific customer, whether it be monthly, quarterly, or annually. 

To show how easy this is to use, I actually trained my 86-year-old grandmother on how to send out automated invoices and client reports…and she was able to do it. That’s how simple it is to use.

Marcus Lehnerz, Senior Reseller Account Manager, WP Engine

Three days before any report goes out, you’ll be notified to review the data within it, and you’ll also have the option to add a custom last page where you can break down any additional work you’ve done that wasn’t automatically pulled into the report. 

You can do this for every report and use it as a way to drive important conversations about the projects you’re currently working on and  upsell additional services.

Watch The Demo for More!

Check out the full Flywheel Growth Suite demo video below for an in-depth look at how small agencies and freelancers are taking control of their time, money, client, and site management through one, easy-to-use platform. Or, if you’re ready to give it a try, select the right Flywheel Growth Suite plan for your business today!