Your WordPress site is a vital part of your business. Keeping your site secure should be a top priority. When launched, you’re exposing your site to everyday threats and attacks, which could turn into a nightmare due to unforeseen circumstances (like brute force and DDoS threats).

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to keep data safe, maintain your customer’s trust, and improve your SEO rankings all at the same time? One component to a more secure site is securing it with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

White Paper: The importance of SSL security

SSL security protects the data between your web server and site visitor’s browser so that data remains secure. SSL security is especially important in protecting sensitive data, like credit card info and passwords.

This white paper will help you make the decision to use SSL for your site (including how to obtain a free SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt). In this updated white paper you’ll learn:

  • What SSL is
  • Why you should consider it for your site
  • How SSL helps with SEO and site speed
  • SSL key use cases
  • How to obtain a free SSL certificate with WP Engine

Download the white paper now to learn how to start using SSL to your advantage.