Hive Media is an online publishing company with a growing network of engaging, highly-verticalized websites that are optimized for specific demographics. Their 25 sites, which include, generate more than 4 billion impressions and 800 million page views per month.

In order to sustain growth and intelligently scale their increasing traffic load, the Hive team needed more support for application performance management and monitoring capabilities. After moving to WP Engine, Hive discovered Application Performance Monitoring (APM), an analytics and monitoring tool built with New Relic, which they immediately started using.

Armed with APM, Hive is now able to dive deep into transactional data and get a function-level drill-down of performance issues on their various sites. Read the full case study to find out how a switch to WP Engine has impacted the overall workflow of the Hive Media team and the performance across all of their web properties.

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