The WP Engine Mercury Vagrant (HGV) now makes it even easier to deploy your site to the WP Engine platform.

In Mercury Vagrant (HGV) version 1.4, which is available now, we’ve added the new “vagrant push” feature, giving you the option to deploy to either your WP Engine production environment or your WP Engine staging environment directly from HGV. Vagrant push  is the latest innovation from WP Engine Labs and is a major step toward Mercury Vagrant (HGV) becoming more widely used in developing, debugging, and deploying a site on WP Engine’s managed WordPress hosting platform.

Along with vagrant push, Mercury Vagrant version 1.4 also adds support for HyperV, VMware,, codeception, and serverspec testing, as well as support for multisite and increasing file upload sizes. You can also now  include custom plugins when provisioning a new instance, and integrate an S3 bucket for media content. And of course, we’ve addressed a few bugs and added plenty more documentation.

If you already have HGV, all you need to do is follow the update instructions to start using  version 1.4 immediately.

If there are features you would like to see or if you encounter any issues, please reach out to us via GitHub.

For more info about Mercury, click here!
For more info about HGV, click here!
Also, be sure to check out our Support Garage article for a technical deep-dive into developing with HGV.