When you choose WP Engine to host your business critical WordPress website, you also entrust us to manage your site’s upgrade when WordPress releases a new version of core. Previously, when WordPress released an update, you had to wait for us to upgrade your site for you, or you had to contact our support team to have it upgraded to fit your schedule.

One-Click WordPress Core Upgrades
Yesterday, WordPress released version 4.3, so we thought we’d release a little something of our own. We’re proud to announce One-Click WordPress Core Upgrade is now available in the WP Engine user portal. This enhances a feature we released back in April that allows you to see what version of WordPress your site is running and defer the upgrade to the next version. Now, we’re making it even easier to upgrade your site. The One-Click WordPress Core Upgrade tool in user portal allows you to easily upgrade your site to the latest version of WordPress with the click of a button. This isn’t like clicking the upgrade site button in WP Admin however; it’s better and safer.
How it Works
If you are familiar with how we manage your WordPress upgrades, you already know that when we upgrade your site to a new core version of WordPress we do a couple of things to make sure your site is upgraded successfully. It looks something like this:

  1. Automation loads the site and tests to make sure that the site is working correctly before the update
  2. We create a backup point
  3. Your WordPress site is upgraded to the new version of core
  4. Once upgraded, the automation reloads the site and tests are performed to ensure that everything in WordPress core is working normally
    1. If we find the install is not working correctly after the update, we immediately revert your site to the previous WordPress version and make sure it’s in working order, the way it was before the update
  5. Finally, the automation sends an email to you letting you know if the upgrade succeeded or failed, and what steps you might need to take next.

The new upgrade core button in the WP Engine user portal allows you to run our automated upgrade process whenever you like. You no longer have to wait for WP Engine to upgrade your site or contact support to have it done early. Additionally, this new button makes it easier than ever to keep all your sites up to date: you don’t have to log into every install to upgrade them, you can simply click the button in portal for each of your installs. Update your site to WordPress 4.3 today!
Putting the Power in your Hands
Keeping your WordPress site and software up-to-date is one of the most important steps you can take to keep your site safe. The One-Click WordPress Core Upgrade in user portal puts the power in your hands to easily and safely upgrade your site with peace of mind.

Whether it’s upgrading your site to the newest version, or deferring an update to allow you more time to test or fix incompatibilities, the One-Click WordPress Core Version tools in the WP Engine user portal gives you the power and flexibility you need to easily manage WordPress core.

3020 Taylor McCaslinTaylor McCaslin works as a Technical Product Manager at WP Engine. He speaks at WordCamps and WordPress events around the country. WordPress has been Taylor’s platform of choice for over 5 years, he even paid his way through college by freelancing as a WordPress developer! When not creating products that captivate and delight, you’ll find Taylor geeking out with the latest tech gadget or experiencing the rich Austin art scene.

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