In this day and age, you can’t have a restaurant without a website. With so many options, people rarely visit a restaurant for the first time without previously checking out the menu and getting a feel for the restaurant’s atmosphere online. If customers have a bad digital experience on your website, it’s likely they’ll assume the real-life experience is the same.

More and more, restaurants are turning to the web to combine the digital experience and the human experience. This is the reason why many restaurants are turning to online reservation capabilities, interactive menus and the incorporation of convenient online ordering.

For creating a dynamic and scalable restaurant site, WordPress is an excellent option. Restaurants will be equipped with the customizability, flexibility, and scalability to make menu changes and accept online orders. Even without a team of high-level developers, site owners can incorporate advanced, dynamic functionality using plugins.

Quick Restaurant Menu

If your restaurant’s menu changes often, Quick Restaurant Menu is a plugin worth considering. QRM will allow you to display different menus for each day of the week and/or different hours in the same day. Create and edit menu items inside the menu interface using drag and drop functionality. Quickly add a header and footer to every menu. QRM is built with a responsive layout-menus will display beautifully on mobile.


Create simple, easy to digest menus using the FoodPress plugin. Create beautifully boxed menus that feature the background images and custom category items. FoodPress also includes a fullscreen reservation form- manage the reservations manually from the plugin’s backend. FoodPress has no shortage of features including a shortcode generator, custom colors and location menus.

Google Maps Widget

Allows mobile and desktop visitors to quickly and easily find your restaurant using the GoogleMaps Widget. The plugin comes with amazing customizability including the ability to change the size, type, zoom level, and colors of the thumbnail map. Interactivity within GoogleMaps Widget gives you options that allow you to change the lightbox size, map language, and pin size.


OpenTable allows you to create restaurant reservation forms for your website. The app is suitable for WordPress users of all skills-no code is required. The prebuilt form layouts are simple and beautiful. For restaurants unwillingly or unable to hire a developer, this plugin is a great option.

Restaurant Menu by MotoPress 

Restaurant Menu by MotoPress is a powerful eCommerce tool to help you sell food and drinks online. Simple operations allow you to customize menu design, add and categorize menu items, and feature all ingredients. With paid addons, you can incorporate delivery and pickup services, toppings, and shopping cart options.

Have a delicious restaurant plugin that we didn’t list? Tell us about it in the comments.