WP Engine Wants you to Pre-Pay

Update: This offer applies to personal, professional, and business plans.

Hey Folks, we’re going to start offering the ability to Pre-Pay and save for a year on your hosting!  Starting today, new and existing customers have the option to pre-pay their hosting for 12 months and receive 2 months hosting for free.

This opportunity is for new customers ready to join WP Engine, as well as everyone who would like to switch their account to annual billing.  Switching from monthly to annual billing will mean that instead of paying monthly at your current rate, you’ll be billed once annually at a reduced rate of 2 months!  New customers will see this option on our pricing page, and current customers can contact billing or call us at 1-512-273-3906 to switch over to annual billing.

If you’re a current customer who switches over, you will also receive a pro-rated credit on whatever is left on your currently monthly bill.  For example, if we normally bill you on the 5th and you decided to switch billing on the 15th, we’d credit you back for those 10 days before applying the new annual rate.  You’ll see all this on your invoice!

Call this an experiment to see if annual billing provides more value to you all, our customers.  You can let us know what you think by voting with your feet! If this is a success and lots of y’all sign up for it, we’ll continue to offer pre-paying as a normal part of our pricing!

If you have any questions, please contact WP Engine’s billing