According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, San Antonio tops the list as the fastest growing city in the nation. From 2016 to 2017, San Antonio’s population increased by 24,200 people. That number equates to 60 people moving to the Alamo City every day! This massive number meant San Antonio’s growth rate for the year was 1.6%, pushing the total population to 1.5 million.

Although culture, cuisine, and affordability are some of San Antonio’s key attractors, the emerging technology sector is key to the city’s growth. Local incubators like Geekdom are home to many young entrepreneurs and fast-moving IT startups. San Antonio is now a beacon for software engineering, cybersecurity, and tech support.

San Antonio is home to approximately 40 members of our Support team.

WP Engine is proud to be a player in San Antonio’s flourishing tech scene. Our office, located in the historic building, The Rand, is home to about 40 members of our Support Operations team. Originally built in 1913, The Rand is home to some of the most innovative companies in the city. In addition to WP Engine, the building houses the Geekdom and Rackspace’s Open Cloud Academy.

Our San Antonio office in the historical San Antonio building, The Rand.

More than a century ago The Rand was built to house the department store, Wolff and Marx. Later the building was acquired by the retail store, Joske’s, in 1965. For the majority of its life since then, The Rand has been occupied by Frost Bank. In 2013 real-estate company Weston Urban bought the building leasing out floors for Geekdom. The incubator is surrounded by existing and expanding companies pushing the boundaries of technology. This innovative, entrepreneurial feeling that The Rand encapsulates is contrasted by the historical and industrious interior. At The Rand, creativity and innovation meet history and preservation.

The Rand was originally built in 1913 to house department store Wolff and Marx.

Want to be a part of one of the most rapidly growing tech scenes in the nation? WP Engine is hiring for positions in San Antonio. For more information, check out our careers page.