Security is never static. Like you would continuously maintain a fortress to keep out foreign invaders, the same goes for hardening the security of your WordPress site. Practicing laxity against defending yourself from intruders is basically like leaving a portal open to potential havoc. To keep the bad guys at bay, we have some important security tips for you.

Join WP Engine on Wednesday, May 17 at 11 a.m. CT for a 30-minute webinar on understanding the WordPress security landscape and how to fortify your site. This developer-focused webinar will feature WP Engine’s own security experts, Will West (Security Architect) and Dustin Warren (Sr. Security Analyst). Reserve your spot here:

Watch the Webinar

You’ll learn how to lay out a solid foundation for your site to make it more secure, along with the following:

  • The WordPress threat model
  • Why attackers attack
  • Several types of common threats
  • Examples of recent vulnerabilities
  • Best practices for fortifying your site

Can’t make the live session? Sign up anyways and we’ll send you a recorded version of the webinar and slides once aired.

Hope to see you there!