Good things come in twos, and when it comes to this year’s Monster’s Award competition, WP Engine is delighted to be doubled up!

That’s right, WP Engine is in the running for two prestigious Monster’s Awards this year—one for Best WordPress Hosting Provider and another, highlighting Torque Magazine, for Best WordPress Blog

But nominations, while flattering, aren’t the final stage of the competition. To make it to the winner’s round, we need your help, and your votes,  to pull us over the line. 

What is the Monster’s Award? 

Presented by digital products marketplace TemplateMonster, the Monster’s Award is an annual competition highlighting the best products and services across the WordPress community. 

Now in its second year, the competition has expanded to include 17 categories and a wider list of nominees, all based on the warm reception the contest received in 2021. 

“‘The idea behind the Monster’s Award is to unite the WordPress community and make it more transparent and open for discussion and evaluation,” said TemplateMonster COO Victor Gozhy. 

“We understand how difficult it is to create top-notch content, products, or services, and for our part, we want to help creators get well-deserved consumer feedback for their efforts and provide nominees with an opportunity to showcase themselves and get promoted!’

The competition is a non-commercial event and any WordPress product can be nominated if it applies to a particular category. While TemplateMonster researches and nominates a core set of products and services, anyone can submit a nomination via TemplateMonster’s site.  

What is WP Engine Nominated For?

As noted above, WP Engine has been nominated for two separate Monster’s Awards this year—Best WordPress Hosting Provider and Best WordPress Blog. 

The first nomination, Best WordPress Hosting Provider, centers around our fully-managed WordPress hosting platform and was based on TemplateMonster’s research and predefined categories that are used to identify market leaders.

The second nomination, Best WordPress Blog, specifically highlights Torque Magazine, which has covered WordPress community news and events for nearly a decade. The publication’s archive, which includes hundreds of educational resources for WordPress developers of all skill levels, is also home to the Torque Social Hour livestream and the Press This WordPress community podcast.

“Being nominated for a Monster’s Award is a huge validation for us and all of the work we do,” said Torque Editor Emily Schiola. 

“We’re beyond thrilled to join the other WordPress blogs that have been nominated in this category, but we’re also in it to win it—and we need your votes to get us there!”

How to Vote

To cast your votes, simply navigate to the URL for each award: 

Best WordPress Hosting Providers

Best WordPress Blogs

Once you’re on the page, click “Vote” under the WP Engine and Torque logos, respectively.

Find the WP Engine and Torque logos on their respective nominee pages, then click VOTE!

This will prompt a pop-up window for you to sign in. TemplateMonster includes this step to ensure voting is fair, accurate, and limited to one person/vote per category. If you prefer to sign in with your Facebook or Google account, you have the option to do this instead. 

After you’ve signed up, the page will reload and you’ll need to cast your vote again—this time it will be recorded and the vote tallies for all nominees will become visible. Make sure you vote for WP Engine on the Best WordPress Hosting Providers page and Torque on the page for Best WordPress Blogs. 

Voting is open until December 23—make sure you get your votes in today!

We’re Counting on You!

Your single vote for each category makes a huge difference—both for WP Engine as we aim to take the gold in both of the categories we’ve been nominated for, and also for the other WordPress products and services included in this year’s competition. 

Make sure and check out all of the categories and all of the nominees as you pick your 2022 Monster’s Award winners. We appreciate your support and look forward to updating you once the final tallies have been counted!

Visit Torque Magazine here, and visit WP Engine or speak to a representative to find out more about our fully-managed WordPress Hosting platform.