Support TeamWordCamp San Francisco is upon us, and WP Engine is excited to be sending a large part of our company to attend the conference, joining in with many others from the WordPress Community who will arrive in San Francisco this weekend from all parts of the planet.

We’re sending a number folks from of our support and dev team to San Francisco as well.  From Thursday to Sunday, they’ll be volunteering in the Happiness Bar and supporting the event while we all connect with the community at large, share our WordPress knowledge and brush up on our skills as well.  Everyone is really excited to be part of the event.

It’s gonna be a sick weekend, y’all.  

Of course, there is always the challenge of working from a conference.  That usually means working even harder than normal and burning the midnight oil to make sure that everything gets done.

While our support team will be working tickets as usual from San Francisco this weekend, tickets may receive a slower response time than normal. We want to be proactive in communicating this with you all.

This weekend will not be an off weekend for anyone on our team.  As a company, our culture is such that we’ll stay up late to resolve issues rather than wait until the next day.  We’ve done this before.  Everyone has their laptop with them, and we’ll be monitoring support tickets as well as Twitter for emergencies.

We also have a key team of support techs back in Austin who will be working overtime while we’re away.  We’ve stocked the office with plenty of Red Bull and have Dominoes on speed dial to make sure they are prepared for anything.

You will continue to receive excellent support from WP Engine.  Come rain, snow, sleet, hail, or Unconference, we’re on the call to keep your uptime and peace of mind sky high.

Thanks for choosing WP Engine.