Hey Folks,

As always, we have a lot to be grateful for at WP Engine. Today is no exception. Our word of mouth continues to be awesome (thanks to all the nice things you say about us!), and we’ve had a large influx of customers in the past few weeks. We’re excited to be working with so many new people who are building awesome sites with WordPress.

We’re super grateful to have all these new sites on board, and this has also meant a high volume of support questions, and we’re a bit behind on our support tickets right now. Ticket response times may take longer than they normally do because of the increase in volume. This is temporary, and our leadership is working diligently to resolve the wait times.

To our established customers, I want to thank you each for being patient with us.

To the new folks that are on board, we want to let you know that we may be experiencing some growing pains at the moment, but our entire team is working hard to make sure that we not only answer tickets as quickly as possible, but that we also thoroughly troubleshoot the issues that you trust us with. Quality of support is as important as quick response times.

So again, thank you very much for choosing WP Engine, and for being part of our growth and allowing us to continue serving your needs.