You’ve got a business to run. Whether you’re an individual blogger or a global enterprise, your website is where you showcase your brand. It could be an ecommerce store, a popular sneaker blog, a go-to spot for gadget reviews, or a music festival site. Managing and hosting a website is complicated, time consuming, and takes your focus away from the business at hand. Think about it: what do you do if your site is hacked and Google blacklists it? What if a plugin update breaks your WordPress site, and there’s nothing you can do about it? Or what if sluggish performance results in massive SEO penalties and no one can find your site through search? A managed WordPress hosting provider helps you overcome all of those challenges and more.

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WordPress has become the content management system (CMS) of choice for businesses of all sizes—individuals, SMBs, and enterprises. It now powers 49 percent of websites that use a CMS, making it the most popular CMS by a wide berth. But you’re a business owner, not a WordPress expert. A managed WordPress hosting provider takes responsibility for the technical ins and outs of your site’s day-to-day operation and the infrastructure that powers it. With a managed hosting provider you get the added value of having a partner who can protect your site from threats, help you increase pageviews due to improved speed, and ultimately drive more people to your site while giving them a better experience. This, in turn, frees you up to build and run your business and your brand.

That’s the power of managed WordPress hosting.



In this ebook, we highlight the benefits of having a trusted partner manage and host your WordPress sites to ensure they’re secure, scalable, and speedy, and to provide the service and support to keep them that way. Think of it this way: some consultants are just advisors, some hosting providers just provide servers, but managed WordPress hosting marries both. With managed WordPress hosting, you no longer have to worry about the most important contributors to your site’s success: security, scalability, speed, and service.

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