It was long thought that dedicated IP addresses were the knight in shining armor for web-based brands and businesses. Articles outlined their myriad benefits–SEO improvements, SSL compatibility, email delivery, and protection from noisy neighbors–and made it clear that if you ran your business on the web, a dedicated IP address paved the way for online success.


But as the web has matured, and technology has evolved, dedicated IP addresses have gone the way of hit counters and “under construction” pages. They’re now part of technology’s past.

Today’s modern web technologies make dedicated IP addresses essentially obsolete. The advent of intelligent search engines, proper authentication protocols, advanced encryption methods, improved email systems, and dynamic DNS have replaced the need for your website to have a dedicated IP address.

In this free white paper, we debunk these four common myths of dedicated IP addresses:

  • For SEO purposes, I need a dedicated IP address
  • If I share an IP address with another site and my “IP neighbor” does something bad, that can hurt me
  • A dedicated IP address is required for SSL
  • My email won’t be delivered without a dedicated IP

Download our free white paper, “Debunking the Myths of Dedicated IP Addresses,” now and learn how modern web technologies have made dedicated IPs unnecessary for online success.