ST. LOUIS – Oct. 31, 2019 – WP Engine, the WordPress Digital Experience Platform (DXP), today announced a new look and usability for Torque, the award-winning WordPress publication with over three million pageviews per year. The six-year-old digital publication, which began at WordCamp San Francisco in 2013, recently underwent a comprehensive redesign, resulting in improved navigation, better discoverability of experience-level content and a developer-first design, among many other improvements intended to better serve its readers.

“We created Torque to serve the global WordPress community with a one-stop shop for all things related to WordPress development,” said Emily Schiola, managing editor for Torque. “The inspiration at the center of the redesign was the WordPress developer. How could we better respect his or her time, how could we leave you feeling informed while fueling your curiosity, with avenues to explore and engage more deeply if you choose.” 

“The new Torque website,, with its more aesthetically pleasing design, greater consistency, better accessibility and lastly darker background is a better reflection of today’s WordPress developer. In this redesign, we’re also excited that it accomplishes our goal of better promoting our contributors’ features throughout all of Torque.”


Torque was created in response to the need for objective, informational content that serves WordPress, its community and the opportunities WordPress represents for its users. The content equips WordPress users of all experience levels with insights from experts to help them create, grow and optimize their WordPress sites and build better experiences online. As an editorially-independent publication, Torque features content from a collection of writers, each with different skill-sets and experiences with WordPress. Since its debut in 2013, Torque has been at the forefront of news and events in the WordPress community.

New Look, Better Usability

The redesign was undertaken with developers in mind, from the colors to the location of sidebars. New features include:

  • Mobile downloadable content – all downloadable content is centralized, making it easier to find and makes it easier for readers to take it with them wherever they go
  • Better shareability – the developer-first design makes it easier to read and share the content
  • Video vault – all of the Torque videos are now in one place so readers can catch up on every interview and Doc Pop’s News Drops. 

This redesign not only showcases the power of the WP Engine Digital Experience Platform but of the WordPress platform itself. It incorporates many of the newest elements of WordPress and the ecosystem using WordPress 5.2, a theme built using the Genesis Framework, the world’s most popular theme framework and Atomic Blocks, the most popular and most downloaded library of beautiful, responsive, and customizable blocks for the new WordPress editor.

Torque Talk

“WP Engine has not only supported the free & open-source software community, but also the commitment to respect the open journalism of WordPress bloggers via Torque Magazine, which is more than commendable. As a part of the Torque group of authors, I’ve been able to publish, curate, and share my thoughts freely. That to me, as a member of an underrepresented ethnic group in the open-source community, is extremely important. I look forward to what comes next and an improved developers’ experience for everyone.” 

  • Ahmad Awais, Full-stack Web Developer, WordPress Core

“Torque is one of my favorite WordPress focused news resources. Up to date, fresh, unique, it’s a real addition to my RSS feeds.”

  • Marcel Bootsman, WordPress Consultant at Nostromo

“TorqueMag has been my home for the past five years. I wrote my first article for it in 2014 and soon became a regular contributor. During that time, I have seen the site grow from a startup venture to one of the most influential WordPress blogs on the web. I love the high standards they set for their content and that they stay on the pulse of what’s happening in WordPress, web design, and development.”

  • Nick Schafferhof, Freelance Writer

“I need to keep on top of what is happening with WordPress. With a handful of sites that keep me informed, Torque is up there on top. I applaud them for their work over the last five years and looking forward to many more.”

  • Bob Dunn, Podcaster, BobWP Media

About WP Engine

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