Working in content marketing can be unpredictable. When VNM USA became one of the first content marketing agencies to release the news about Congress passing a bill that would let Internet Service Providers (ISPs) sell consumer data, their site received over 50,000 views in a single day. VNM USA realized how important it was to equip their site with the right infrastructure in the event of virality.

A full-service advertising agency specializing in Marketing to Millenials, VNM USA utilizes WordPress to bring top-notch marketing strategies and content marketing for client sites. Although WordPress is the perfect CMS for their needs, given its functionality and customizability, a rapidly growing client base makes maintaining fully optimized sites difficult.

In this case study, discover how VNM USA managed to maintain optimized client sites despite rapid growth. Learn why endurance against virality is just one of the successes VNM USA has relished after their shift away from self-hosting.

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“As our client list grew, so did the frustration of maintaining all the sites. We found little value in hosting a number of sites on our own. When looking for a secure hosting platform, we found it difficult to place our trust in the various online providers. Eventually, we read up on WP Engine, contacted a few friends that were using it, and decided to invest in their services. There is a gang of brand-evangelists on the internet boasting about WP Engine, which eased any doubt in my mind at all,” – QuHarrison, Cofounder of VNM USA