Why you’re thankful for WordPress

On Tuesday we asked you all why you’re thankful for WordPress. Here are some of the answers 🙂

I’m thankful for WordPress because…

It allows me to use a very robust, complete, scalable et modular platform that I could learn a lot from – and to use it commercially ! The level of performance and usability of WP is amazing. And it shows that you could distribute a free product and make a living! – Simon Vart



It makes web publishing effortless (the way it should be). –Peter Askew





The easy to use backend and painless upgrading and has saved our web dev business. –Brendyn Montgomery





It’s used everywhere, so there are plenty of people to ask for help. – Robby Slaughter





People can focus on their content working in a reliable environment. –Paulo Tresso





I am making a living just out of WordPress – making themes. –Chandra Marhazan





It’s my job and my hobby, and it continues to grow and flourish. –Drew Jaynes






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  1. Me, I’m thankful for WordPress because it’s helped me to create a side business, consulting, developing and managing WordPress sites, which has turned into quite the little earner.

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