WordPress 3.7 will drop soon – Here’s what you need to know

WordPress 3.7 Update

[UPDATE:] We’ve clarified that, as a managed WordPress host, WP Engine will continue to update WordPress versions for our customers the same way we always have.]

Hey everyone, this is just a friendly reminder that WordPress 3.7 is going to drop soon. As always, we’ll auto-update WordPress for you, so you won’t have to worry about updating your sites to the latest version. Your friends at WP Engine will take care of that for you!

In addition to a few security improvements, and other additions to the code, WordPress 3.7 will be a notable release because it will introduce auto-updates – the core team is calling them background updates – for security and minor releases (like an update from 3.7 to 3.7.1).

WP Engine will continue managing the updates for your install on your behalf, testing each release on our infrastructure, and fully managing the releases of the minor updates. For example, when there is a security update to WordPress, as soon as the patch is released, we will continue to immediately update all customer sites to ensure your WP Engine sites stay safe and sound. As well, with 3.7, auto-updates for languages will not be affected. They will automatically happen for WP Engine customer sites.

You can read up on all the details about WordPress 3.7 on the official WordPress.org blog:


If you’re managing custom code or plugins for a number of sites, you can go ahead and begin making plans to test 3.7 when it is released. As always, we will upgrade all customer sites within a week or two of the official release!

Thank you for choosing WP Engine.

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