Due to its flexibility and customizability, WordPress can power a number of different types of sites: membership sites, corporate websites, blogs, and e-commerce. BuiltWith reported that in February 2018, a total of 2,241,106 websites use WooCommerce only; that’s 28,864 of the world’s top million websites. The opportunity for growth in the e-commerce and online retail industry is only growing. Gen Z, who are reported to have over 44 billion in buying power annually, prefer personalized, mobile-friendly e-commerce experiences to shopping in stores.

In this free ebook, learn about how suitable WordPress is as an e-commerce solution. As well as laying out the foundation for the state of e-commerce in 2018, the ebook will suggest the best WordPress resources for building out your online shop. Included in this ebook are the top choices for e-commerce plugins, e-commerce themes, and integrated marketing tools. We’ll even provide some reasons for why WordPress might not be the best e-commerce solution for you.

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