Imagine that you have been tasked with migrating a WordPress site over to a new hosting platform. A process that has taken all day, you are minutes away from completion when suddenly, you see the blue screen of death (or some other internal error that has caused the WordPress migration process to go awry).

Time and effort have been wasted, and you must start the WordPress migration all over again from scratch. You then realize that your client won’t be too happy when you bill them for extra time (if you don’t eat the cost yourself). It’s a headache to say the least.

This issue is oh-so common and many businesses have their horror stories to tell. The web design agency Sideways8 lost clients when it ended up taking them a YEAR to migrate their WordPress site over to a new hosting platform (read their story).

If you’re lucky, this WordPress migration debacle hasn’t happened to you. But here’s something you should know — WP Engine offers a service that minimizes the time you spend on WordPress migration to mere minutes.

Called WP Engine Automated Migration, this WordPress plugin takes the workload off your shoulders and eliminates the complexity and hassle of migrating a WordPress site over to our hosting platform.

And if you’re a developer, kicking off a project has never been easier. You can use the Automated Migration plugin to instantly download your client’s WordPress site to your developer account, meaning you don’t have to waste energy hunting down information from your clients. You’ll be guaranteed to save valuable amounts of time, as this will help you start and complete projects even faster.

Are you ready to get started? Here’s how you can achieve a seamless WordPress migration with WP Engine’s Automated Migration plugin.

For more on Automated Migration and WP Engine’s suite of development tools, check out our flexible development white paper.