WP Engine powers hundreds of thousands of WordPress digital experiences for over 70,000 customers around the world. In order to help our global customers discover and implement innovative solutions for optimizing WordPress digital experiences, WP Engine is releasing the WP Engine Solution Center. The Solution Center is a directory of innovative solutions for optimizing WordPress digital experiences on WP Engine.

What you’ll find in the Solution Center

The Solution Center is a directory of 3rd party services, plugins, software, and WP Engine’s own features that customers can use to optimize WordPress, improve their time-to-market, and generate more revenue from their digital experiences.

Solutions in the directory are organized into 9 categories: site setup, development, speed, security, marketing, design, ecommerce, site enhancements, and content.

Please note that WP Engine does not provide support for any 3rd party solutions listed in the directory.

How we picked the solutions

The main question we ask when considering a solution for the Solution Center is: “Is this solution helpful for WP Engine’s customers?” Through this lens we pick solutions that are optimized for site speed, are supported by the company that offers the solution, and offer solutions for WP Engine’s customers in innovative ways.

Through the WP Engine WP Solutions Program, the WordPress focused plugins, services, and technologies listed in the Solution Center are able to optimize their solution for the WP Engine platform and deliver a better experience for customers.

This is part of our initiative to help make sure WordPress focused solutions work better on WP Engine than anywhere else.

How we will add solutions in the future

If you build a solution for WordPress or if you have a favorite you’d like to suggest, you can suggest a solution to be added to the directory.

Along with your additions, our team will also be adding solutions we find helpful or which prove to solve problems in innovative ways for our customers.

Where you can find the Solution Center in the future

Customers can find a link to the Solution Center on the dashboard of their WP Engine portal. Additionally, we will occasionally be posting on the WP Engine blog about new, featured solutions.  

Of course, you can also bookmark the WP Engine Solution Center to use as a resource for discovering innovative solutions for building WordPress digital experiences anytime you need to.

Try the Solution Center today to discover the next great tool that can help you move your business forward faster.