We are committed to delivering best-in-class customer service. To do that, we’ve assembled an award-winning team of rigorously-trained WordPress specialists–the largest in the industry– who are at the ready to answer your questions and deliver expert support 24/7/365.

Today, we’re excited to announce that based on your feedback we’ve taken customer service and support to the next level with the launch of the new and improved data driven WP Engine Support Garage. The Support Garage is your one-stop shop for support articles, videos, and other content created by our WordPress experts and designed to answer most, if not all, of your WP Engine and WordPress support questions.


Beyond ‘Standard’ Support
The new WP Engine Support Garage goes well beyond just articles, best practices, and how-tos. It’s an intuitive and highly-searchable command center for support resources where the answers to your support questions are at your fingertips. In the Support Garage you can find information on how to set up and enhance your WordPress site; learn more about the WP Engine managed WordPress hosting platform and the tools available to you; troubleshoot and fix common issues; manage your account; and much more. There’s also a section where you can “browse all,” meaning you can see every article and its category in one fell swoop.

Data Driven Content Structure
We structured the content of the Support Garage by analyzing hundreds of thousands of support tickets, so we can answer your support questions right the first time and only deliver you content that you’ll find useful.

You can more quickly and easily get the specific help that you need through enhanced search functionality and navigation. Search results are customizable and utilize regular expression, or pattern matching. You can also search within specific categories to better refine your results. The easy to navigate categories and tags guide you to the right support area and topics. And every article page features tips, related content, excerpts, and tags, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

Analytics Driven Improvements
In addition to analyzing support tickets to better structure the Support Garage content, we’ve also implemented an advanced analytics solution to help us understand which support articles are best at answering your questions.

Over time, our support organization will use this analytics driven approach to test new articles and measure which articles are the best at helping you get the information you’re looking for. The WP Engine Support Garage is a living, breathing, and evolving resource that will get better and better at helping you get the support you need.

Integrated Contact Options
The Support Garage now also features the ability to access your User Portal and contact WP Engine support directly from Support Garage pages. This will make sure you get the information and support that you need, when you need it, and will have the added benefit of helping us understand what pieces of content you find most useful so we can better provide answers to your questions.

Build Your Business
Along with helping you troubleshoot and fix issues with WordPress and your site, the Support Garage offers tips and insights to empower you build and grow your online business. After you successfully launch your site on WP Engine, you can use the Support Garage to find advice on how to make your site better through optimization and security, and by building in best practices.

And, of course, WP Engine’s award-winning customer service and support is always available to you 24/7/365 if you need additional assistance.

The new data driven WP Engine Support Garage is just one way we help you have an amazing WordPress experience. And we’re not stopping there, we have plenty of awesome new Support Garage features in the works. Stay tuned for updates.

Take a tour of the new WP Engine Support Garage now!