WP Engine November 2013 team photo

Two weeks ago, WP Engine had our 3rd All-Hands (or “All-Hangs”) week where all of our employees, remote and Austin-based, come together for the Austin office for a week of planning, meetings, and bonding as a company. The office is filled to the brim with everyone getting together to plan for the coming months and to hang out – in and outside of work.

These weeks are always a blast, because, well, frankly we all really like spending time around one another, and having a week dedicated to connecting as a team has an incredible impact on our ability to collaborate and deliver amazing experiences to our customers.

Alexander Shenkar, one of WP Engine’s account managers, explained the importance of All-Hands Week:

“WP Engine’s All-Hands are get togethers that strengthen our culture and personal relationships with one another, and we believe those relationships will be a major component of how we’re growing a company that is built to last.”

Company culture is a cornerstone of who we are, and you can tell from the way we invest in spending time together. Most of the company, aside from a full staff of the support and sales team, went out on a boat on Lake Lady Bird to take team photos and bond. After the boat trip, we took over the restaurant across the street, going to town on some enchiladas and a margarita here and there.

wp engine all hands taco dinner

Of course, the tickets must go on, so even while we were on the boat, the Support Team had their laptops out, and did tickets in shifts. Since Support is manning tickets 24/7, during All-Hands week we get to hang out with them and make sure our customers are continuing to have an amazing experience. Lots of us will stay late at the office hanging out with the 3rd Shift Crew while they close tickets. Photoshopped boat backgrounds are not necessarily included, but they’re always encouraged.

all hangs support crew on a boat

As WP Engine continues to grow, we’ll keep having All-Hands weeks to pass along our culture to the folks who join our team. We’re hiring for a lot of positions, so please take a look at wpengine-careers.com/ and drop us a line! Who knows, you might be in the next photoshopped picture of our support team closing tickets “on a boat!”