Update for 2014: We’re currently giving 4 months off of select WP Engine plans when you use the code “Cyberhosting14” the offer will expire December 2nd at 12:01 AM.

We wanted to do something we rarely do on our site and offer a coupon code for a discount on our WP Engine’s managed WordPress hosting platform. Below you’ll find a coupon code that will discount our hosting.

When does it expire?

I recommend you get in on these savings because they’re only going to last from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, November 26th. After Thanksgiving is over, the coupon will be over too. Basically, this means you may have to duck out of Thanksgiving dinner right in the middle of your crazy uncle Chester’s (no so) famous story about his high school football team that stopped being funny the 14th time he told it in order to use the coupon code and get the discount. It’s a sacrifice to miss out on that quality family time, we know 😉

Alright, Austin. What are the savings, and what’s the WP Engine Coupon code that will get me access?

Fair enough 🙂

The Code is…

Like I mentioned, the coupon is valid *only* from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, but it is good for $25 off per month for your first 3 months of service! That’s a combined saving of $75 and premium WordPress hosting for as low as $4 per month for a whole quarter!!

Use the code “blackcyber” when you sign up for WP Engine to get the savings.

Affiliates, you can share this coupon code with your lists as well. Just make sure they know the code!

Remember, these savings will not last more than a few days. We rarely run discounts or use coupon codes on our site at WP Engine, so if you’ve been considering signing up to WP Engine and getting access to our managed WordPress platform, now is the time. The coupon code will expire in less than a week, so make sure you take advantage of this while you still can!

Check out which hosting plan makes the most sense for you.

Thanks for becoming a part of the WP Engine Family.

Happy Thanksgiving!