If you love WordPress and want to become indispensable to a fast-growing, kick-ass, yet humble startup, WP Engine might be your next home.

We’re proud to call downtown Austin TX our home, where the food is awesome, the winters are mild, and the creative culture creates fun and business opportunities. When the weather is nice (a.k.a. most of the time), there are bikes parked all over the office. You drive? We’ve got 24/7 garage parking right in the heart of downtown.

How to know whether you’ll fit in at WP Engine

We publish our culture, because as dorky and touchy-feely as it is to “declare our values,” it helps us hire the right people and allows our customers to hold us accountable.

If you aren’t a 100% fit, you’re not a good fit for us.  We do awesome things as a company, like Run 5k’s and Film the results (Scroll to the bottom for the video embedded).

Kicking ass at your job is the only “salesforce” we need.

  • Giving back to the WordPress community (both code and money) is sales.
  • Helping a customer with an issue that’s not our problem and not our fault is sales.
  • Building the most advanced WordPress platform on Earth is sales.
  • Being transparent about our strengths and weaknesses is sales.

30% more expensive and 400% better.

  • We’re not the cheapest hosting option, so we have to be much better to earn it.
  • If spending X% extra time or money results in X% better results for our customers, we always take that trade.
  • Given the choice between a fast one-off fix and investing in a new technique that we can share with many customers, we make that investment.

Find excuses to blow customers’ minds.

  • You notice their page loads slowly, so you analyze it and spend an hour fixing the low-hanging fruit, bringing page-load time from 9s to 1.5s.
  • You notice the customer is a geek, so you go into gruesome detail over some of our “proprietary internal” tricks.
  • You notice it would be useful if two of our customers met, so you introduce them.
  • Karma works: Take care of the customer and we’ll be rewarded by patronage and word-of-mouth “advertising.”

Mistakes are how we learn.

  • No honest mistake or oversight can get you fired, even if it results in big problems like service failures or lost customers. Lying about it will. Not caring about it will.
  • When it’s OK to screw up and required to fess up, we can all learn without politics or retribution. That’s how we get better, and how we earn respect and trust from our customers.

Our words.

  • We don’t delegate, we entrust.
  • We don’t hire employees, we hire talent.

Technical, and proud of it. If this sounds like you, you’ll fit right in:

  • You love proving that “the impossible” can be done in ten hours.
  • You enjoy working on teams and can communicate well but…
  • …sometimes you need to bust out some code without discussion.
  • You want to build a scrappy startup but also appreciate perks like insurance and vacation time.
  • You have impeccable attention to detail. “Off by one” bugs keep you up at night.
  • You love talking to customers directly and thrilling them, not hiding behind a project manager and “policy.”
  • You’re so good, you make your peers look bad.

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If you think you’re an amazing fit for a position that isn’t listed yet, head over to our Careers page, register in our system, and tell us what you want to accomplish, why you’re a perfect fit, and then why we should pick you over everyone else. We’d love to hear what you want to accomplish!