WP Engine DevKit.

A WordPress local development environment and build toolkit that seamlessly works with WP Engine and encourages better, faster code.


The all-in-one WordPress DevKit.

Developers want local development environments because they help them iterate faster, experiment safely, and stay productive when working offline. Even when you have a local environment set up it can be difficult to get all your tools integrated properly. 

The WP Engine DevKit combines a local development environment, SSH Gateway access, easy push & pull deployments to WP Engine, Genesis CLI commands, and other tools for building and debugging great WordPress projects faster. This all-in-one approach lets developers focus on crafting experiences instead of trying to get their tools to work with each other.

DevKit is free and available in an open beta for Mac & Linux.

The WP Engine DevKit provides all the tools you need to efficiently develop great WordPress sites.

Stay productive with local development.

Efficiently develop WordPress sites in a safe and free environment.

All your tools in one place.

Spend less time setting up your tools and more time actually building cool stuff.

Seamless integration with WP Engine.

Clone, deploy, and SSH into any of your WP Engine environments.

Develop better sites faster with local development.

Local development environments provide a self-contained version of WordPress so you can build sites without needing to build directly on your staging or production environment. Benefits of a local environment include:

  • Develop faster and see your changes immediately, no need for uploading, downloading, or deploying
  • Experiment safely with an environment that only you have access to (unless you share preview links with your collaborators)
  • Stay productive while offline. Make changes, test updates, and debug your site all without needing an internet connection.

Integrated means more time to code.

The WP Engine DevKit combines the following so you can focus on building instead of piecing together your own set of tools.

  • Container-based local development environment
  • SSH Gateway access
  • Easy push & pull deploys to WP Engine
  • Preview your local site with others via ngrok
  • PHP version selector
  • Email testing client
  • MySQL
  • Local SSH & WP-CLI
  • Genesis Framework WP-CLI commands
  • phpmyadmin
  • webgrind
  • Varnish
  • HTTPS Proxy
  • xdebug

Seamless integration with WP Engine

DevKit is available for everyone but WP Engine customers enjoy additional benefits including:

  • Clone any of your WP Engine environments
  • Access SSH Gateway for efficient administration
  • Easy push & pull deploys to your development, staging, and production environments
  • Award winning customer support

Why do developers choose DevKit?

The WPE DevKit has opened up a lot of options that provide me greater tools for a better way to build and collaborate in WordPress Development. DevKit’s integration with wp-cli is amazing and a real game-changer for my development process.

—James, Development Director, Bellweather Agency

I’m delighted by how well integrated WPE DevKit CLI is with WP Engine’s environment. It makes common steps easy, like being able to pull the entire site and DB down to local in a single CLI command, while providing super powerful developer tools like a built in man-in-the-middle proxy to inspect all outgoing requests in detail.

—Jon, CEO, 9seeds

DevKit has given us tools to take our DevOps to a new level by removing friction from local dev setup and adding consistency to our publishing from our local dev to WPE servers.”

—Jeremy, Director of Technology, GLIDE

Ready to start building with DevKit?

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Join the WP Engine DevKit beta today.

DevKit, a free local development tool from WP Engine, unlocks seamless integration with the WP Engine platform, helping developers build great sites faster.

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