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Genesis Pro unlocks new features and tools across the Genesis platform.
Let's break it all down.

Genesis Blocks

Genesis Blocks brings you a library of blocks, sections, and full-page layouts. The free plugin is rich with features, but with Genesis Pro you can do even more.

1. Additional blocks.

The free Genesis Blocks plugin gives you 14 premium designed blocks. With Genesis Pro, you have additional blocks, including the Device Mockup & Portfolio blocks.

2. Additional sections.

With Genesis Pro you gain access to a growing library of premium designed sections, crafted by the StudioPress theme designers.

3. Additional layouts.

As the Sections library grows, so do the Layouts. Quickly establish a finely-crafted baseline with an entire page of blocks, configured to look amazing.

4. Block level user permissions.

Maintain brand integrity with fine-tuned control over what block settings are and aren't available to content creators.

Genesis Custom Blocks

Genesis Custom Blocks makes it a whole lot easier to build custom blocks for the block editor. With Genesis Pro, developers access advanced features for taking their blocks to the next level.

1. Advanced block fields.

More powerful fields for more powerful blocks. These include the repeater, user, post, rich text, classic text, and taxonomy fields.

2. Block import & export.

Export and import blocks on a per-block basis, making it easy to share your custom blocks between projects.

Genesis Framework

Get the secure, fast, and search-engine-optimized foundation for WordPress that drives business results.

1. Customize quickly.

Add functionality fast with plugins and widgets, plus a lightweight codebase to reduce dev cycles.

2. SEO from the get-go.

Built-in SEO audited by experts keeps you from needing more technical know-how than your team already has.

3. Stay secure.

A network of developers constantly audit and upgrade the security for the framework, so you can rest easy.

StudioPress Themes

Join over 600,000 other sites and build amazing WordPress digital experiences with StudioPress’s easy-to-use, premium themes - built for the Genesis Framework.

1. Beautiful & optimized themes.

Every theme by StudioPress has been carefully crafted on top of the webs favourite WordPress framework, Genesis, and designed for engagement across all devices.

2. Built-in SEO.

Rely on built-in SEO, so you can concentrate on building quality content. All SEO rules are audited and critiqued by leading SEO experts to ensure each theme is up-to-date without you having to lift a finger.

3. Block editor optimized.

Every theme in the official StudioPress library is block-editor ready! Use content blocks to easily customize and reuse content, plus keyboard shortcuts to speed up creation time.

4. Secure & safe.

Each StudioPress theme stands upon the secure foundation of the Genesis Framework where a network of developers constantly audit and improve security.

24/7 Support & Updates

1. Support when you need it.

Being part of the WP Engine family, Genesis Pro gives you access to the industry's most beloved support team - all equipped to have your back on all things Genesis.

2. Updates.

Be it about security, compatibility, or new features, Genesis Pro ensures the Genesis code on your site is the latest and greatest.

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