Your 2019 digital readiness checklist is here.

Redefine expectations for your WordPress sites.


Go to market with a nimble platform.

Perform flawlessly.

Stay online when it matters most.

Boost engagement.

Elevate your experiences with the right data.

Secure experiences.

Protect sites with real-time threat detection.

Need a catalyst to deliver breakthrough digital experiences?

We've got the checklist you need to continue to win online this year. 

1. Accelerate your development process.

Migrate your WordPress experience to WP Engine easily with our auto migration feature. One-click tools, SSH Gateway, and Dev, Stage, Prod Environments make it simpler to setup an efficient development workflow. By reducing the redundant tasks required to manage and deploy sites, you can move faster to produce and maintain cutting edge digital experiences.

2. Integrate your martech stack.

With WordPress’ open framework, you can integrate the CMS with other technologies in your stack. And, with WP Engine, you get a platform that already integrates world-class tech partners with our proprietary software and WordPress expertise, so you can focus on building innovative digital experiences, instead of the systems to power them.

3. Get the ultimate security.

Take advantage of WP Engine’s Global Edge Security to extend the security benefits already realized by WP Engine’s platform, including managed core updates, two-factor authentication, and daily backups. With Global Edge Security, you gain the best security protection against top OWASP security vulnerabilities, compromised data, and DDoS attacks that threaten to black out your digital business, brought to you by the leaders in WordPress and cloud security (Cloudflare).

4. Get code-level insights for applications.

WP Engine has partnered with New Relic, leaders in Digital Intelligence, to include New Relic APM Pro as part of a new Application Performance solution. Application Performance provides code-level visibility to help teams troubleshoot faster, optimize their WordPress experiences, and increase development agility.

Getting up to speed with a new DXP.

In an effort to provide clients with the fastest possible load times, and to find a partner that could provide clients with better performance and support, Digital Remedy selected WP Engine's Digital Experience Platform to tackle their performance and customer service needs.

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5. Make site management easier.

Wouldn’t it be nice to automate site maintenance? On top of simplifying user permissions and backups, WP Engine ensures your hosting is properly configured for your business and offers real-time security threat detection, free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates, our EverCache proprietary caching technology and a global CDN. We also manage WordPress patches and updates. So you’re always a step ahead.

6. Make migration unbelievably easy.

WP Engine’s free, proprietary migration plugin makes it seamless to move your sites to WP Engine’s platform with no downtime so you can deploy quickly.

7. Update your WordPress.

Are you on WordPress 5.0? Gutenberg, the new default editor in 5.0, includes added functionality that enables developers and designers to create reusable blocks for design and content, and it empowers end-users to combine and customize those blocks for everything from the rapid launch of multiple landing pages to building the types of complex new digital experiences that resonate with today’s online audiences.

8. Get mobile web ready.

Content heavy and media rich pages historically loading slow? WP Engine partnered with Google to create the AMP plugin, an open sourced framework that allows you to mobilly optimize individual site pages or whole sites so your digital experiences stay lightning fast and engaging.

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