Welcome to the Enterprise Solutions area.

Solutions here are available to customers who are looking for greater performance, agility, security, integration and support for their digital assets.

How are these different to options I've seen on the main site?

  • Premium Support
  • Managed Onboarding
  • Integrations
  • Enhanced SLA's
  • Premium Plus
  • Scalability

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Tell me more about these differences.


Premium Support

Yes. Customers in this tier receive the highest level of support possible within WP Engine. We have three tiers.

Level 1 have undergone a rigorous 6 week training programme. They support our SMB customers over chat, phone and tickets

Level 1 Advanced have completed a Level-1A Assessment and are on their way to becoming guru's. Again they support our SMB customers only, with harder to solve problems

Level 2 have completed their Level-2 Assessment. They work with our customers on Migrations, Monitoring and Health Checks on existing deployments. Many have Subject Matter expertise in areas like Multisite, GeoIP, Database & MySQL, CDN and Site Performance. The Level 2 Team are only available to our Premium customers.


Managed Onboarding

Our Enterprise Customers are not subscribing to a plug and play solution. We take great pride in providing you a warm welcome to WP Engine with the support you need. We do this is two key stages, Kickoff and Launch Readiness. You will receive a dedicated Onboarding Engineer for 30 days.

What types of things do they cover?

  • Migration Project Management
  • Launch Readiness Assessment
  • Performance Optimisation Recommendations
  • DNS Consultation
  • Go Live Monitoring (anytime 24/7)
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Best Practices for Maximising Platform Features


Dynamic Scaling

WP Engine’s infrastructure is ideal for enterprise websites with high traffic (accommodating spikes ranging from 10,000 to 100 million users effortlessly).

Scalability is crucial for running a successful WordPress enterprise website. After all, if you experience a sudden surge in traffic (for example, as the result of a viral content post), you’ll want your website to be able to cope.

The wide variety of performance-enhancing plugins available for WordPress, coupled with its elastic architecture, also contribute to its scalability. Although there are plenty of ways to extend the default platform, it’s strongly recommended to invest in a scalable WordPress hosting that is regularly audited and adjusted with 24/7 support.

Premium Plus

Dedicated Service and Technical Management

Beyond our award winning support with a Net Promotor Score of 84 we also align you with dedicated Customer Success Managers and Technical Success Managers.

The CSM will offer you varying degrees of support including:

  • Strategic Business Planning for Campaigns & Events
  • Platform Value Realisation
  • Executive Business Reviews
  • Best Practices Sharing
While the TSM will be hands on, with a deep understanding of our platform, your environment and WordPress. Their tasks include areas such as:

  • Platform Health Analysis
  • Performance Optimisation Recommendations
  • Development Workflow Consultations
  • Technical Management of Projects
  • Post Event/Project Performance Analysis
  • Proactive Analysis of Support Escalations


Security & Application Performance

WP Engine’s Global Edge Security offers business continuity, revenue protection and app-level security at the network edge. This includes Advanced DDoS Mitigation, Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) and CDN from our best of breed partner Cloudflare.

Secondly our customers gain great insight into their environment through Application Performance Management (APM). This allows you to improve performance in three key ways:
  • Error Analytics - to trace and locate files triggering errors
  • Troubleshoot Load Time Spikes - setup proactive alerts with thresholds
  • Transaction Traces - understand which queries, themes and plugins are being called upon

Enhanced SLA's

Brand Protection

Depending on the package you subscribe to we are able to provide you with an Application based SLA of 99.99%. This means that both WordPress and the underlying infrastructure are covered. No more deciphering between which team or supplier are responsible. WP Engine have your entire stack covered.

Why do companies of all sizes choose WP Engine?

WP Engine's platform provides us with significant performance gains, but more importantly, our WP Engine team has been an amazing partner for Microsoft. This allows our teams to focus more on our core functions, without the worry of scale, security, or performance.

Brian Costea

During a two month period, we experienced a five times increase in two of our key metrics – site traffic and downloads – with flawless site performance thanks to WP Engine.

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Account Manager, WP Engine

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