Multi-CMS rises in the enterprise.

Find out why a growing number of organizations are leveraging multiple content management systems to unlock speed and agility.

By the numbers: Multi-CMS in the enterprise.


use WordPress as their CMS of choice.


use at least two CMSs.


benefit when using multiple CMSs at once.

A new digital standard.

Every business today faces the challenge of connecting its brand across the digital touchpoints it shares with customers. As consumers evolve in their relationships with new technology, making sure these digital experiences remain fast and engaging is paramount. 

In this new digital paradigm, speed and agility are necessary to meet market trends head-on, but organizations that are still reliant on vendor-specific web tools, and particularly those still tied to a single, proprietary CMS, are at an inherent disadvantage.

The rise of multi-CMS.

As businesses of all sizes look for new ways to go to market faster, a growing number no longer rely on a single CMS to power their digital experiences. The enterprise is taking note, and today, a growing number of large-scale businesses are leveraging multiple CMSs to unlock the speed and agility they need to go to market faster.

The rise of multi-CMS is the rise of WordPress in the enterprise.

Among organizations that use more than one CMS, WordPress is the top choice, claiming one-third of the current market and growing. As the popularity of WordPress continues to surge, powering 35% of the Internet, learn how more and more enterprise companies are using it for greater speed and agility.

Getting ahead with headless.

Headless is an increasingly popular type of web architecture, in which the front end of a website is decoupled from the back end. Headless offers a host of benefits, and it’s one of the driving factors behind increased multi-CMS use. Among enterprises already using a headless approach, 65% use WordPress as either their primary or secondary CMS—higher than any other platform. 

The need for speed.

Using multiple CMSs offers large businesses the speed and agility they need to go to market faster, eliminating the need to re-platform legacy systems. As expectations around digital experiences intensify, the need to respond almost instantly is fast becoming the norm. Learn how enterprises are turning to multi-CMS, WordPress and headless to help them win.  

Top benefits of why companies are leveraging multiple CMSs to unlock their digital vision faster.

Faster time to market.

Easier experimentation.

Agile development.

WordPress is most likely to be used for corporate websites, but serves many purposes.

How enterprises are using WordPress:

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Learn why enterprise organizations are increasingly turning to WordPress to move their businesses forward faster.