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A few things to consider when picking your WP Engine plan.

When picking a WP Engine plan, there are many things you should consider. From the number of visitors to bandwidth to storage, the right plan type can positively impact the performance and success of your site.

Premium Plans.

WP Engine’s Premium Plans are necessary for those whose site is deemed mission-critical for their business. With a higher-uptime SLA and priority support with a Senior Support Technician, these plans are perfect for those who need consistent performance and complete control over their infrastructure. Premium Plans allow our customers to have their own (not shared) infrastructure which enables end-to-end DDoS mitigation, ability to load test, access to specific add-ons, and provides a white-glove onboarding experience. Additionally, the Premium Plans are on next-generation hardware, which on average is 40 percent faster. 

Use case.

The type of site our customers build can impact its performance as well. For example, an eCommerce site that is servicing a million visitors annually will likely need a larger plan than a B2B site that serves the same amount of visitors in order to have the same performance profile. on an in-house team of WordPress experts ready to provide a helping hand whenever you need it.


Visits are one of the main metrics to think through when choosing a plan. On WP Engine’s platform, we count visits as unique IPs that come to your site(s) within 24 hours. However, when looking at the various plan levels, it’s also important to consider when those visits are happening throughout a month period. Take into account that the visits count across all the sites you have on your plan.


When thinking about your visitors and traffic, the concurrency of those visitors is another thing that will influence the plan that is best for you. For example, if customers are needing to serve many visitors during a high traffic event—e.g. a black Friday sale—we would recommend a larger plan to ensure the best experience. At WP Engine, we utilize EverCache®, our proprietary caching technology, to help us serve concurrent traffic to our customers.


Lastly, the cacheability of a site is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a plan. What makes a site cacheable? The breakdown of traffic hitting static—e.g. blog posts—versus dynamic—forms, carts, etc.—pages. Generally, the higher the cacheability of your site, the less hardware you will need.

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