434 Marketing

Lynchburg, Virginia, United States

About 434 Marketing

In 2011, we had a thought: How can we help businesses make more money in an intelligent, cost-effective way? For Dustin, who had a history in operations and financial management, the answer was simple: In order to grow, you need to meet people where they are.

So, we set out to develop mobile apps, software and websites for businesses who were looking to reach a broader audience base. It was then that we realized that businesses, once they had the tools they needed to grow, still didn’t quite know how to use those tools to reach an audience. That’s when we began evaluating how we could help in a marketing capacity.

In the end, our marketing and business consultant expertise drove more value to our customers, and our narrative switched one final time to be where we are today. In the two years or so, we’ve become more focused in our identity—in who we are and what we do. That focus has aligned with our heartbeat of wanting to analyze and help businesses who need growth strategies.

We’ve pulled together a team of brilliant marketers who look at the story of an organization and use it in a creative and valuable way. In short, we have the right people in the right seats doing the right work for the right clients. Everything is right and everything is growing.

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