Ari Salomon

San Francisco, California, United States
Member Less than $10,000 Migration Support, Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising, Social Media

Based in San Francisco — building websites since 1996.

My services include strategizing, planning and building a website as well as coaching on online marketing, SEO, form integration and leveraging the many benefits of WordPress. I have built more than a dozen WooCommerce sites and can guide my clients through the full process of selling online. I also work with marketing agencies providing development services.

I also work with many non-profits and have deep experience working with arts organizations.

My small team and I host and maintain almost 200 WordPress websites.

"Agency experience at freelancer prices"
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OCHO Candy: one smile at a time

We built way back in 2010 but as the company grew and was ready to push online sales they approached us to rebuild the site with a more complex design and more marketing features. We worked with their new branding guidelines and designed a new, fun look for the site. On the front end we made a flavor-centric design that made more sense to users than the size-centric layout they had before. On the back end we added marketing tools from the WooCommerce Extension library including complex "Subscriptions" that aligned with the client's sales cycles around specific holidays like Halloween and Valentines Day. Sales increased and the marketing team has continued to refine their strategy with the new tools we put in place.


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