Browndog Design

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

At Browndog the digital space is at the very heart of our thinking, from maximizing data and reach to driving responses and calls to action.Our website development team will work with you to build the perfect website for your needs, from interactive 3D models to powerful e-commerce capability, supported by content management systems that enable you to make your own updates. It goes without saying that they’ll be fully responsive for mobiles and tablets too.Of course, a website is no good without good quality, high volumes of traffic, so once your site is up and running, we will work with you to generate the traffic you need.Our on-site services include site visibility and search engine optimization, content creation, news articles and blog pieces, as well as user experience to ensure the best results from your visitors’ time on your site.We combine this activity with a range of off-site support, such as link building, paid search (PPC or Google Adwords), affiliate marketing, banner advertising, email marketing and social media campaigns.Backing all this up we will provide Analytics and campaign reports so that you can see the results and feed them back into your sales and marketing activities.

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