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CemtrexLabs builds experience-focused technology (software and hardware) that changes the ways we work, live and play. As a leading technology partner for the world’s most influential brands, empowering them with innovative solutions that drive their businesses and their products, CemtrexLabs is focused on helping brands grow through cutting-edge product development and design services. Our software and hardware development solutions range from business-critical applications to powerful Augmented and Virtual Reality applications that push the boundaries of industrial, manufacturing, and commerce applications for the world’s most innovative brands (e.g. Cartier, IWC, LiveNation, AARP, Essence and more). Cemtrex has been recognized by Deloitte as a Fast 500 Technology Company five times since 2012.

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After going independent, the Essence magazine team approached CemtrexLabs to rebuild their site quickly and effectively. Our design and engineering leaders worked closely with the Essence team to understand the hierarchy and taxonomy of the old site we would be rebuilding. Providing the information needed to outline a new site architecture and advanced mapping of data sets for migration.

When feasible, the CemtrexLabs team took opportunities to further refine the functionality and experience of the site. Which resulted in the development of custom post types to visually and functionally enhance article displays. As well as, the integration of appropriate third-party modules like Google Analytics and BounceX to optimize management of the site. To complete the process, CemtrexLabs migrated over 70,000 legacy articles from Essence's legacy infrastructure to the new site. The new Essence.com went live on August 2nd, 2018.



When the V Magazine team came to us they were just ending their relationship with a digital agency whom they had commenced their responsive redesign and redevelopment with. Most of the design had already been established and there was a 'codebase' for us to work with - however a major advertising campaign was coinciding with the relaunch - and was just over 8 weeks away. We would need to round off the design, restructure and refactor the usable bits of code and rewrite the rest, not to mention, the enormous library of articles and content would have to be migrated from an archaic proprietary platform into a Wordpress multisite.

Upon commencing discovery, CemtrexLab's architects and engineers immediately began with an intensive code review to understand which facets of the codebase could indeed be used, how much of it needed to be re-worked, how much would need to be re-written and how much would have to be written from scratch. Additionally our user experience design team began to work toward realizing the goals the V Magazine team had shared in our early conversations.

Once the designs had reached a mature point of refinement - we began preparing our product backlog for the engineering sprints that would soon commence. As we had a deadline to realize we would have to amend our typical agile development process to retrofit our allocations and scheduling to realize our drop dead. We did so borrowing from our SpecialOps practice, and begin burning down our design and engineering tasks as effectively and efficiently as possible. As modules were completed they were pushed for review - accepted modules were deployed to the staging server for use by the V Magazine team in their effort to get all of the editorial content ready for launch.

We continued to work in this amended agile framework for the next 8 weeks in close collaboration with the V Magazine team. Refining the experience for the desktop, tablet and mobile and realizing our go live date in time for the campaign.

From a technological standpoint site was built with a custom theme in a Wordpress multisite and is served by Nginx on Rackspace. Additionally, the experience was crafted leveraging HTML5. CSS3 and JavaScript.



When the Metroloft team wanted to redesign their site they wanted something that was simple and elegant while easy to update and maintain. We began to work with the Metroloft team to understand the goals of their requirements in greater detail and the goals of the redesign. Upon completing our interviews, we immediately got to work laying out personas and use cases for all of the different kinds of user that would ultimately be served by Metroloft's site, a group which included everything from bankers and brokers to potential residential tenants and employees.

We laid out a simple and clean responsive experience that focused on large, rich imagery and de-emphasized anything wordy or too text heavy, letting the buildings and properties ultimately speak for themselves. We then charged forward on coding and polishing the experience over the course of the next 6 weeks.

From a technical architecture standpoint, the site was built with Wordpress and served by Nginx on Amazon Web Services while the experience of the site was crafted with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. We continue to provide LiveOps support to the Metroloft team.



Crypco is a Media Network, Advisory, Commerce and Technology Platform dedicated to the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain community and the world around it. They approached us with the vision to develop the first cryptocurrency platform focused on business and market news, data, analysis, and original content. At CemtrexLabs, we envisioned an expansive digital platform that will build a content web filled with rich back links. Which aid the Crypco brand in creating strong SEO, rich interactions and a direct ROI.

Through our design + preliminary design phase, we produced a basic but modular responsive prelaunch marketing website. Consisting of integrated key video modules and a pre-launch sign up funnel.

Once the Crypco team gave their feedback, we worked towards further developing the full V1 web app product backlog. Comprised of JW Player and Hubspot CRM integration, as well as, a dynamic user login module and widgets. In addition, a coherent plan was designed to leverage CoinCap API to power a stock-like ticker; and the Loathe Data Management platform to aid in management of the Crypco ad tech stack. Supplemented further with preloaded and dynamic widgets allowing viewers to customize their 'dashboard' within the already dynamic layout of the web app.


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