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Division Of/ is an award-winning full-service digital agency based in New York City. We are passionate about building innovative experiences that use technology to shape the way people interact with your brand.

Our work ranges from brand strategy to digital production to media buying for international brands, agencies, and startups. We bring together a multitude of experiences to innovate and stay ahead in a rapidly changing market.

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NBCUniversal (NBCU) is one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies, combining dozens of television networks and properties under one roof. While advertisers value the potential reach of such an extensive portfolio, the diversity leads to operational complexity for NBCU. Each network had its own sales process, which made it difficult for brands to find and navigate opportunities. To leverage the power of its networks, NBCU partnered with Division Of/ to create a digital property that unified the networks and flattened the sales structure into a seamless experience for agencies and brands.

We knew immediately what not to do: a basic common portfolio site with a page for every network would neither help media buyers make the most of NBCU’s portfolio nor maximize media sales across networks. Since visitors to the site already have an idea of who they’re trying to reach, we created a personalized experience modeled after recommendation engines used by popular video streaming services. Based on his audience profile, each visitor would see relevant content that encouraged exploration of the networks and programs across the entire NBCU portfolio.

Upon launch of the site, NBCU proved that traditional media can lead the charge into digital integration. The unified network site offers media planners new opportunities to allocate spend and reach markets, and the industry has responded with overwhelming enthusiasm. The site plays an integral part in NBCU’s ad sales marketing strategy, and Division Of/ is proud to continue to build the property as the industry evolves.

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Coordinated Health

According to a Google study, 84% of patients use both online and offline sources for hospital research making digital an integral part of a patient’s experience. It was no surprise that the executives at Coordinated Health (CH), the third largest specialty hospital network in Eastern Pennsylvania, were concerned about the effectiveness of their aging website in light of upgraded offerings from competitors.

Division Of/ stepped in to develop a longterm strategy to navigate the digital landscape and benefit from the shift in consumer behavior.

Competitor and user research revealed that CH lacked visibility online and that the existing website was not clearly organized around the needs of the patient. As a result, potential patients searching for a provider were more likely to find highly visible alternatives from competing hospitals, while existing patients had little interaction with the site to support their experience. Our approach would be to create touch points and engage patients at every step in their patient journey.

We reimagined the entire experience of a CH patient to include a supportive online tool that was valuable to them and created efficiencies for the business. Then we deployed tactics to increase the visibility and reach of the site to draw in new patients.

Learn more at: https://divisionof.com/cases/coordinated-health/


Wolters Kluwer: Passpoint

Wolters Kluwer Health (WKH) is a division of the global publishing company that provides information, software and services to healthcare professionals and students.

WKH developed an online program called PassPoint to help nursing students prepare for the NCLEX-RN, the final licensing exam for aspiring nurses. Unlike traditional study guides and note cards, PassPoint is based on an adaptive learning system that personalizes the experience for each student to identify and strengthen their areas of improvement.

The email inbox is the most direct path to someone’s daily attention. To demonstrate the benefits of PassPoint we built a Question of the Day email application that sent daily NCLEX-RN exam questions and tracked the student’s responses. Just like PassPoint, Question of the Day is designed to be intelligent and customized to each user.

The Question of the Day service was hugely successful and continues to be the main source of leads for PassPoint. Email open and click-through rates are astronomical compared to industry standards, and more than half of users return to the site over 15 times.

Learn more at: https://divisionof.com/cases/wolters-kluwer-health/


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