Emily Journey and Associates

Columbus, Ohio, United States

We deliver customized WordPress training for business owners, IT staff, administrative staff, and marketing teams. Complete with follow-up support and certificate of completion. At Emily Journey and Associates, we help you gain the skills you need for independent mastery of this sometimes complicated platform.
For you, independence may mean:
--Saving money by not having to hire someone to do this for you.
--Breaking free from reliance on an unresponsive marketing agency.
--Equip your marketing department to handle the website work in-house.
--Handle this responsibility that’s been handed to you by your boss.
Let's talk about how we can help you get there. Call or email our friendly office.

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Genesis Theme Website Design

We love working with Genesis themes. They look great right out of the gate and require very little customization. If you find Genesis themes confusing, then we can help you get un-confused with custom WordPress Training on any Genesis theme of your choice.

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WP Engine helps agencies and freelancers build their business with digital innovation instead of administration. We handle performance and security. You impress clients.